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Posted by dnatoxic - July 6th, 2015

How is everyone doing? Been inactive for what seems like forever. What is the trending topic on Newgrounds these days?

Posted by dnatoxic - June 14th, 2012

Hey guys!
I haven't been on Newgrounds in forever, if anyone keeps up with me, atleast you could tell.
I have been real busy, haven't been involved in the game industry nor have I touched flash in a while.
Just wanted too let everyone know, im not dead!

No, Im not dead!

Posted by dnatoxic - March 8th, 2011

I need a coder to code an overhead shooter with great graphics with me. We will upload to flashgamelicense.org and get a sponsorship deal and split the proceeds. Reason why the coder is asking for a coder? Because i want to practice full time graphics.

Name of Project:

Capture It

Description: Capture It is a small indie game built on the Flex sdk platform for use among internet gaming portals such as Armor Games

and Kongregate. In Capture It players take command of either 2 factions R.A.R or NODE who each have there own pro's and cons. The focus

and primary sole objective is to destroy the enemies Command Core by brute force or hacking. At the beginning of the game a team of 8 is spawned

and the player can elect to become the command AI Orris who can spawn turrets and additional items via the Port Console or just a plain console. Head

the warnings though command mode is nothing but cmd text and needs to be learned via the main menu through a tutorial, unexperienced users will be


Looking for available coder who wants to do split profit deal!

Posted by dnatoxic - February 21st, 2011

For the faithful!

2039 screenshot.

Posted by dnatoxic - February 19th, 2011

The Last Stand: Union City is the third game in the The Last Stand series. It is currently in production by Conartist games. It is a more open version than previous games and features a whopping amount of new features. I myself and my friend FGC have access to the closed beta and would like to spread word of it. FGC is uploading a 4 part exclusive HD preview of the closed beta so i thought i would keep you guys updated on this post.

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Like "The Last Stand" and "The Last Stand 2" than check this out!

Posted by dnatoxic - January 16th, 2011

Ive picked up a rather old title i never finished and have made significant progress with it, however im looking for mainly testers and voice actors to help me completely finish this project. It is a space shooter with alot of cool elements way too many to explain but i need some few testers to weed out bugs and issues with the builds not just to play with it.Voice actors are wanted i need about 9 voice actors one being a VA who can make alien noises. There is payment for anyone who helps, not directly but it will be divided equally among the team via the money we make from Publishing(Flash Game License).
Below i have included a grab of the latest build.

Voice Talent Wanted and Designers! New Space Shooter! Screen Grab Included!

Posted by dnatoxic - October 27th, 2010

Here is a piece of a level, its not much but trust me the entire canvas is about 2,200 by 2,200 which is really big.
By the way, Mind Chamber if you are reading this i have a copy of the engine for you to test.

Progress with my new engine which will be released soon.

Posted by dnatoxic - October 3rd, 2010

Than listen up if your interested!
Currently i know of 5 people who just plain suck at making games at flash or just cant, well Ive decided even lazy people need a break sometimes. A coworker and i have started making flexible templates which are easy to use by almost anyone in flash! (CS3 and up) But the thing is these things take time and effort out of our lives so these will come at a little cost if you want to get to making and selling your own games on the very large flash market.

Soon i will launch a website at the following domain: http://muletools.com which will provide engines for various programs such as flash and other things like game maker maybe even 3d. Right now what i have planned for the site's first products are a few engines in the following genre's Side Scroller(shooter,adventure,rpg), Vertical(Shooter,Adventure,Rpg,Flight) so basically 2 engines with multiple variations. The final pricing i have planned for everything is under discussion but im aiming at about 9.99 per game license(means you can sell and get sponsored) and 25.99 for the base engine.
So yeah, oh i also forgot to include the things that each engine come with:
*Full Documentation and Tutorial Guide in PDF and RTF Formats.
*Pre Made Art Sheets for each genre.
*Sample Game to Build From.

So hope you guys will enjoy it once it goes live, here is a shot from a game i am building with the Vertical Engine which is near completion.

Suck at Flash but wanna make games?

Posted by dnatoxic - September 6th, 2010

Find us at http://triblox.org

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Posted by dnatoxic - August 29th, 2010

Here we go starting campaign.

Love my halo.