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Suck at Flash but wanna make games?

2010-10-03 21:20:07 by dnatoxic

Than listen up if your interested!
Currently i know of 5 people who just plain suck at making games at flash or just cant, well Ive decided even lazy people need a break sometimes. A coworker and i have started making flexible templates which are easy to use by almost anyone in flash! (CS3 and up) But the thing is these things take time and effort out of our lives so these will come at a little cost if you want to get to making and selling your own games on the very large flash market.

Soon i will launch a website at the following domain: http://muletools.com which will provide engines for various programs such as flash and other things like game maker maybe even 3d. Right now what i have planned for the site's first products are a few engines in the following genre's Side Scroller(shooter,adventure,rpg), Vertical(Shooter,Adventure,Rpg,Flight) so basically 2 engines with multiple variations. The final pricing i have planned for everything is under discussion but im aiming at about 9.99 per game license(means you can sell and get sponsored) and 25.99 for the base engine.
So yeah, oh i also forgot to include the things that each engine come with:
*Full Documentation and Tutorial Guide in PDF and RTF Formats.
*Pre Made Art Sheets for each genre.
*Sample Game to Build From.

So hope you guys will enjoy it once it goes live, here is a shot from a game i am building with the Vertical Engine which is near completion.

Suck at Flash but wanna make games?


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2010-10-03 21:41:28

ur a precocious lil scamp ;)
looks cool

dnatoxic responds:

Damn straight.


2010-10-03 22:37:37

awesome :D

please include video tutorials also :P those help a LOT! (for uber noobs)

dnatoxic responds:

Wow Xelu commented on my page i feel so prestigious!


2010-10-03 22:38:16

Stupid 8th graders :(

dnatoxic responds:

You know i haven't updated my profile for a while thanks for the heads up mate!


2010-10-03 22:43:57

Cool idea, if epic games can license their engine why can't flash developers?

(Updated ) dnatoxic responds:

Wink face! Wait a second...i detect sarcasm in the building.


2010-10-03 22:46:38

suck at flash but know how to make 3D?



2010-10-03 23:37:58

I suck at flash but wanna make games! This is perfect!

dnatoxic responds:

I think ill also give free copies away to talented developers like you but who also lack coding skill!


2010-10-04 02:55:19

Still gonna' cost me if I'm not going to use it for profit?

dnatoxic responds:

Ill release a limited learners version for free.


2010-10-04 03:16:36

I wanna be like you in making games! These will help me make video games! Thanks dnatoxic! The first game to use your licensed game engines will be announced on 2011.


2010-10-04 04:35:28

I love dicks


2010-10-04 05:46:34



2010-10-04 06:38:28

was it really that bad?
jeesh ¬_¬


2010-10-04 09:25:05

The link is broken...


2010-10-04 13:22:28

its a nice idea your not the first but there is a sufficient demand for this sort of thing id use this service if i couldent find a programmer


2010-10-04 13:36:24

And I'll be one of your first customers, sounds like a kickass idea, especially for people like me who only animate.

dnatoxic responds:



2010-10-04 16:47:26

dude I was being sincere, Im totally considering this.

(Updated ) dnatoxic responds:

Feel free to use my idea in the Newgrounds store im pretty sure you could make a living selling flash engines to the millions of authors. Also, unblock me from private messaging with you. I dont know why i am though.


2010-10-04 18:10:20

I think it'd be even more effective if you offered some code-only programs for cheaper. Lots of animators out there. A lot less programmers.

I'll pay 10 bucks for a text-based adventure making program.

dnatoxic responds:



2010-10-05 17:37:54

Im not sure why you were blocked, but you are ublocked now.

and honestly Its not all about the millions its about getting some games done without the hassle of programmers flaking out on me.

dnatoxic responds:

I thought you knew how to code, if you ever need someone drop by and ask im always available.


2010-10-05 22:40:34

nah, just the artist, and occasionally the game designer, but not the programmer.

btw that link is dead.

dnatoxic responds:

It was never up im still designing the site.


2011-01-30 04:58:32

lol you failed