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Looking for available coder who wants to do split profit deal!

2011-03-08 14:28:08 by dnatoxic

I need a coder to code an overhead shooter with great graphics with me. We will upload to flashgamelicense.org and get a sponsorship deal and split the proceeds. Reason why the coder is asking for a coder? Because i want to practice full time graphics.

Name of Project:

Capture It

Description: Capture It is a small indie game built on the Flex sdk platform for use among internet gaming portals such as Armor Games

and Kongregate. In Capture It players take command of either 2 factions R.A.R or NODE who each have there own pro's and cons. The focus

and primary sole objective is to destroy the enemies Command Core by brute force or hacking. At the beginning of the game a team of 8 is spawned

and the player can elect to become the command AI Orris who can spawn turrets and additional items via the Port Console or just a plain console. Head

the warnings though command mode is nothing but cmd text and needs to be learned via the main menu through a tutorial, unexperienced users will be


Looking for available coder who wants to do split profit deal!


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2011-03-08 16:30:59

Your paragraph structure is messed up which makes it hard to read.

dnatoxic responds:

I know, are you interested?


2011-03-08 22:49:28

I'm confused