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Join Paradox(formerly blulight) Studios!!!

2009-04-22 20:30:57 by dnatoxic

Hey everyone!
I'm scouting once again for new members of the on growing Paradox Studios flash development team!
We need artist and animators at the moment although coders would be greatly appreciated but we have a hand full of em.
If you would like to join Paradox studios just comment on this page saying you want to join,although you must have atleast one flash submission with a rating of over 2.95 and must be openly available at most times thought the weekends.
Windows live messenger is required and once you are on the team you will know why or you can have MSN, either work.

So please join our team currently consisting of 7 members,
Here is the current list:

Well what are you waiting for go ahead and join!

Join Paradox(formerly blulight) Studios!!!

New Website!

2009-04-21 17:47:56 by dnatoxic

I redid my website and its up for viewing here so go check it out!

Well since i had to delay the game another week here is a working demo with everything functional,more info is available in the installer.


File Front Mirror
File Front Mirror 2
Mega Upload Mirror

Star Wars The 501st Demo Availible for download!

Well i have to delay the game for about another week before initial release,but i do have some more media to show to you guys!

In the Character Customization Feature you can change your appearances,he is a secret unlockable that should be easy to find.

New Star Wars Shit and slight delay!

Star Wars: The 501st Box Art!!!

2009-04-18 21:15:03 by dnatoxic

Well here is some Box Art!

Star Wars: The 501st Box Art!!!

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Pink Gorillas......Well they belong at the Zoo,Cookie Monster belongs at the Cookie rehab station in DC.
Is the economy so god damn bad that citizens of the United States have to resort to this shit?

Thats just sad i bet china is laughing there asses off and so are the other nations,we look like trash right now.

Its just a shame.

Hey everyone!
Today i just bought two new Chihuahuas with some of my cash,one is a long hair and one is a short hair. During that time i had Star Wars Episode One on and i have been thinking of names and days!
Than it popped up! Darth and Layla so say hello everyone!

Say hello to my two new puppies! Darth And Layla!

Well everyone it has been 3 months and 12 days since this started development in January after the canceling of Stryker Warrior.We here at Paradox have worked our asses off to bring you this game and its awesome engine created by Zuige.
This will be the first game ever created for the Paradox Engine and she runs like a beauty almost no lag unless you fill the room with 30 ai bots in which case if you want no lag for zombie swarms you can always turn the Swarm function on for zombies.

Well here is the final developer diary before the set release date of April 20th.

A video is also included below for those of you aking to see more before the release.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Star Wars The 501st Update #10 Releasing on April 20th  :D + Video!!!

Happy Easter Preview!!!

2009-04-12 14:08:17 by dnatoxic

Many of my fans wanted to see an preview so i decided to show off some of the new game features as an Easter present to you all.

(PS.You get a glimpse of one of the bosses at the end of the video!!!)

Set release date is April 20th 2009!!! Hooray!!!!

HAPPY EASTER!!! <|D <---- that is supposed to be an egg!!

*EDIT:I know the quality in the video is bad don't complain.

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Happy Easter Preview!!!

More Star Wars Updates!!!

2009-04-11 16:46:24 by dnatoxic

Finished Chapter 3, now moving onto chapter 4 the final one and im so happy that the game progress came so fast i thought it would take forever but thanks to Paradox games like these can be built in days!!!
The only thing that slows progress is adding additional stuff and making levels,levels usually take about 10-30 minutes after getting everything ready but im a slow guy so i like to move at an even pace!

Also a new game will follow this one that some of you may really like!!!