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Dear Peoples of Newgrounds,
Windows fucked me over once again when i was downloading SP1 it powercycled after stage 2 than suddenly came to a black screen and started loading all the core files of my PC than stopped at
!! 0xc0190036 !! 5947/92290 (journal.exe) now i have no acces to the pc at all except to this little screen and i fear my worst dream has come to life.

A Fire Wipe Cd,
This came with my GateWay Gaming laptop as a backup incase all computer hell broke lose,if i install it than it wipes me hard drive clean and everything is gone. And being an idiot i never backed up any of my work on a cd.

Well this means im retired from the flash scene temporarily or untill this issue is resolved.

Combat Instinct 4 and The best mod for Half-Life 2!!

2009-06-13 23:30:00 by dnatoxic

I finally get the chance!

Me and McFretN have been chatting on Newgrounds and he has been telling me about how he hasn't touched flash in centuries but he might still be able to work his ways!!

Me and him will most likely be developing the 4th installment to one of the most popular series on Newgrounds! Although its not confirmed yet i will tell you when it is, but here are some specs.

It is set to be an overhead shooter instead of the original game play type first person shooter,i know some of you will be mad but we are utilizing my trademark engine "Paradox" to make the game funner meaning more enemies on screen and actual friendlies plus giant maps to explore and venture around!

Well i just cant wait till development actually starts....so go ahead and read below!

Oh and don't forget to go play the other 3 from the Trilogy,

Combat Instinct
Combat Instinct II
Combat Instinct III

------------------HALF LIFE 2 BEST MOD EVER!---------------------------------

http://www.moddb.com/mods/neotokyo/vid eos

For all the owners of Half Life 2,the best mod of all time has finally been completed!

NEOTOKYO┬░ is a first person shooter that aims to provide a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting. NEOTOKYO┬░ takes place in and around a fictionalized Tokyo approximately 30 years in the future. Mankind has begun to fuse with technology. Government and corporate corruption have transformed Tokyo into a deadly dystopian nightmare. After a near-successful military coup by ranking members of Jinrai, the National Security Force (NSF) is formed - answering directly to the Prime Minister, it's mission is to investigate and eliminate all threats to Japan, both abroad and at home. The initial core of the NSF is made from an exodus from within the intelligence branch of the military. With this betrayal begins the war in the shadows between the NSF and Jinrai.

------------------------------Some new Halo Art i cooked up for boredom------------------------------

I cooked up some ODST art after seeing those fancy trailers for the new Halo Odst Game/Expansion. I also saw some of the in game footage and that new firefight mode!

Combat Instinct 4 and The best mod for Half-Life 2!!

Paradox Engine Games list

2009-06-07 23:55:52 by dnatoxic


Halo UNSC Game Development

2009-06-03 18:24:57 by dnatoxic


Well my brother Connor 117 lost all account information retaining to his account so he will be creating a new one soon since no moderators will reply to his messages.

Anyways he wanted me to post about his new game being created with the Paradox Engine and he would like to ensemble a team for his new flash production team Called War Anvil Flash Productions.
Anyways its a Halo Game based on the UNSC fights throughout the Covenant-Human War.

Here is some raw material,created by him.

Coming Exclusive to Newgrounds 2010 with over an hour of Game play.

Visit Dnainteractive.net for more information.

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Well yesterday we went to schlitterbaun water park in Galveston!

It was really fun its for our graduating 8th grade class to highschool and 7th grade came too!

Star Wars the 501st game updates

2009-05-29 20:12:29 by dnatoxic


Star Wars the 501st game updates

Game releasing soon i promise!

2009-05-17 21:01:51 by dnatoxic

Hey everyone!
I promise to release the game soon after all is fixed and out beta testing team is done with our tests.

Also im starting a new original story project soon and im looking for an animator and Graphics guy that have moderate to good skill.

Anyways enjoy this screenie and be sure to always check out our newly born forums here at http://starwarsfansunite.freeforums.or g/

Game releasing soon i promise!

New Star Wars Update!

2009-05-08 22:31:43 by dnatoxic

Hey everyone!
Created a new forum and need some members to grow it!
I am almost complete with the game and some of you may know i uploaded a almost complete version than removed it for some comments and i figured out what i needed to fix and its almost done!
Any ways go join the forums here!
Click the link dumbass

New Star Wars Update!


2009-04-26 21:26:35 by dnatoxic

Its insane but im having special editions made only 100 special editions will be made with a bunch of extra stuff like!
-Development Videos
-Interview with the Creators
-Cheats and Hints
-Trailers for upcoming Zuige and Lucas Arts Games!
-20 extra skins for Cedit!
-And an Alternate Ending!!!
-Hopefully i can get a deal with Tom to get it put into the NG Store!


Well everyone got a bunch of updates!
Here are some below with a bunch of images so go ahead and read also check out Star Wars The 501st official page at http://Starwarsthe501st.com
Comment and download the demo below!


[Download Star Wars The 501st Demo!]
Well since i had to delay the game another week here is a working demo with everything functional,more info is available in the installer.


File Front Mirror
File Front Mirror 2
Mega Upload Mirror


Hey everyone!
I'm scouting once again for new members of the on growing Paradox Studios flash development team!
We need artist and animators at the moment although coders would be greatly appreciated but we have a hand full of em.
If you would like to join Paradox studios just comment on this page saying you want to join,although you must have atleast one flash submission with a rating of over 2.95 and must be openly available at most times thought the weekends.
Windows live messenger is required and once you are on the team you will know why or you can have MSN, either work.

So please join our team currently consisting of 7 members,
Here is the current list:

Well what are you waiting for go ahead and join!

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