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Star Wars Game Updates and More shit to read!!!!!!!

2009-04-09 17:55:56 by dnatoxic

Well we have made steady progress with Star Wars:The 501st and level development on it, we intend a bunch of other extra's for the special edition.
I updated the clone graphics to fit the games need for stuff like that so the game has one consistent art style and doesn't switch throughout the game.
I also have changed up the level locations a bit and added and removed some they are as the following,
Chapter 1*
-Prelude [100%]
-Geonosis Part 1 [100%]
-Geonosis Part 2 [100%]
-Geonosis Part 3 [100%]
Chapter 2*
-Orto Plutonia Part 1 [100%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 2 [0%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 3 [0%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 4 [0%]
-Orto Plutonia Part 5 [0%]
Chapter 3*
-Prelude [0%]
-Assault on Corasant Part 1 [0%]
-Assault on Corasant Part 2 [0%]
-Protect Chancellor Palpatine Part 1 [0%]
-Protect Chancellor Palpatine Part 2 [0%]
Chapter 4*
-Ending [0%]

That is the level list and production rates.

Graphics [100%]

Also if you haven't heard we will never have the great of Star Wars Battlefront 3.

In other news Newgrounds City is in development by our North Studios although they are still on the engine process.

More Star Wars The 501st News----------------------------------

Well since we lack a animator that we can depend on we decided to do comics with audio and graphics,it will make production faster and i get to express the story a little more.

If you would like to play the demo check my flash submissions i changed the delete day to the 15th so go play before it is to late!!!

Star Wars Game Updates and More shit to read!!!!!!!

Go join Paradox Forums!!!!!

2009-04-08 21:42:57 by dnatoxic

Well i just got done creating the forums for my revamped small flash games business site and im looking for followers and members and we need as many members as we can get so go join!!
Not many post areas will add more tomorrow but as for tonight im off

Click here for forum

Main Charchters (1)

2009-04-08 19:05:39 by dnatoxic

Well here are the main characters!

Main Charchters (1)

Here it is

Sketch of new graphs to be reamde in PS

Preview of some things for "Star Wars:The 501st"

2009-04-07 21:34:12 by dnatoxic

Well as you know we couldn't find a dependable animator for the cut scene's so we decided to make audio comics that play audio with a comic attached here is the one for the first level.

Preview of some things for "Star Wars:The 501st"

If you were in the discussion about the game weather you liked it or not, North decided to take the job and create the massive online game.
I believe that they can do this,they have much experience in the field of multi media with a wide variety of applications and are best with flash!

So cross your fingers expected release is late 2010.

Because of the economy "Star Wars Battlefront 3" was canceled!
To hell with all the people who make this economy a bad place.

Here is the beautiful remains of what was to be SWBF3,

/* */
Damn economy! :(

Damn you economy! Ruining great games article 1.

Today the paradox team met in an online group chat to discuss the future of Paradox Studios.
We first discussed many projects to be made and one big thing brought to my attention was Newgrounds City.

We spent an hour on discussion about this project and how it would work.

"Newgrounds City,a virtual world in which users can chat,get jobs,earn xp points and NCREDIT.
People will wonder the massive city with fully interactive buildings added each and every month along with a RPG like feel to it where the user can type into a text box where they can chat with others among that of the 16 servers containing 60 player slots along with a city.
Users can increase in rank and earn positions like that of being in Police precinct
[insert server name here] or becoming an average citizen, there will be stores where you may buy weapons and health or upgrades."

"A 5 dollar subscription is required each month to play other wise the account will be deleted within 30 days of non payment. The game is set to be in a birds-eye view experience and use the WASD keys to move and the mouse to interact with things. The chat bar will also have various buttons to bring up the character information chart and to personalize their inventory"

"Members will have an designated newgrounds apartment where they can buy TV's,furniture,beds and other such items"

All these quotes were taken from the conversation between the following users

The Paradox engine might be utilized for this game in the future if we can get support from Tom Fulp and the rest of the Newgrounds crew here at NG. We know the game would take a massive amount of coding and time to make along with the cost of servers and what not along with the subscription and payment methods but if we assemble a good crew of hard workers this dream project can become a reality!

So what do you have to say about this Newgrounds?


First Chapter Completed!

2009-04-02 22:10:11 by dnatoxic

Well i completed the fist chapter in my game out of the 4 chapters that are their!
(Complete) Geonosis Chapter
(In development) Mygeeto Chapter
(Awaiting development) Utapau Chapter
(Awaiting development) Corasaunt Chapter

Each chapter consist of 9 levels and some common enemies and bosses.

When the game is released it will have an achievement system and a console to enter cheats received from achievements.

Open beta for the first chapter demo opens next month if you want in email me at tmrocks@live.com or Private Message me through newgrounds.

First Chapter Completed!

Various Images and progress!

2009-03-28 02:54:27 by dnatoxic

Just now reaching level 3 today in development!
We also need level developers,very little actionscript knowledge is needed and you also need of course Flash CS3 or up.
:) Enjoy the screenies faithful fans!


Various Images and progress!