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Hey Guys!
So i have been a little dormant for a while here on Newgrounds with no updates, well its because im working on my newest game and preparing for the next one!
So here is the latest news from me!

-Hitfight 3 Testers Wanted!
We are looking for testers to come test our new game "Hitfight 3" and possibly become part of the official Dna Studios Play Testers group at Dnainteractive.net in order to test the game you need to register yourself on the site which the link is given above than in the Navigation Bar you will see "Hitfight 3" after registering/logging in click on that link and you will be sent to the testing page.
After testing please reply comment on the blog entry that asks how it was.
If you leave good detailed information about the test than you may become part of our official testing group.

-Future Projects you choose!
Well i have alot of ideas for a future game so im going to list them here and i want you YES YOU THE USERS to choose which one i will work on next. After choosing which one you want me to do leave a comment on this page.

1.) Elithium Chapter 1:
"Elithium is a series i have always wanted to make here is the backstory."
In the far future numerous planets have been colonized and Earth has met with many other Sentient races around the galaxy.A central planet Vero's which was constructed by Humans and Archnoans(closest races/friends to the humans) was the place where over 60 races had come to trade,live and thrive. Vero's geography was basically one big city covering the planet which was two times the size of earth. One day Vero's received a transmission from an earth colony not too far away in distress needing "immediate military attention and rescue" the message repeated itself and than fuzzed out. Vero's not having any ISMC(interstellar Marince Core)presence,base or military at all on the planet relayed the message to the Iron Dawn an ISMC flag ship just 2 miles away from the planet. The Iron Dawn responded about 12 minutes later due to the distance between Vero's and its location and stated they were heading towards the colony.
You take the role of Lance Corporal Smith stationed on the Iron Dawn.
Figure out the rest of the story once the game is released or if it is chosen.

2.)The Terminal
"A zombie shooter i had always thought would be cool"
The terminal takes place in George Bush Continental Airport when a plane from London arrives with a passenger who had been bitten by a dog with a rare form of rabies the day before,he had never went to the doctor for it. He ends up biting another passenger on the plane and by the time the plane arrives its full of infected and than the airport is put on lock down/quarantine by the government and CDC. You take the role of a 19 year old boy Jake whom works at the airports McDonalds.
Your goal is to survive and escape the terminal.
Figure out the rest of the story once the game is released or if it is chosen.

Thats it for the game selection!

For now enjoy my site!


Looking for an Animator!

2009-10-06 20:45:47 by dnatoxic

Hey guys im looking for an Animator to do some minor animation for a game of mine.
More details will be provided once i find one , NO PAY IS INVOLVED.

Win somthing! read now! You can win by answering a question!

2009-10-02 17:32:56 by dnatoxic

Hey guys wanna win a Special Edition Copy of Hitfight 3:Vengeance?
Answer the following question and comment with your answer its a riddle or a "story with holes".
If you solve the riddle or "story with holes" than you will win a Special Edition Copy of Hitfight 3:Vengeance along with the exclusive soundtrack featured in the game.

//Well than whats the question?
Here it is:
A man enters a airplane and greets a friend 7 seats down.
The person was immediately arrested by US Air marshal's and taken to prison.
Why was the man arrested?

The question expires in 5 hours the closest one or the one with the exact answer will win.

//Runner-ups will receive.....
1st Place: Special Edition Hitfight 3 with Soundtrack and all Armor Codes.
2nd Place: Redeem Code to unlock Tribal Armor for in game use
3rd Place: Redeem Code to unlock Tribal Armor for in game use
4th Place: Redeem Code to unlock Fat Suit Armor for in game use.

Well go ahead and start answering

Win somthing! read now! You can win by answering a question!

My website,Halo 3 ODST,And Much Much More!

2009-09-27 20:06:09 by dnatoxic

Hey guys here with another update!
Well my site has been updated and its an ever growing community needing more members for the forums and other stuff! Go check it out at http://Dnainteractive.net Anyways i also got ODST at the Midnight Release, although the ending was not very pleasing the game overall makes it's predecessors look like horse crap i really loved the game play and the game has a high replay rate with its new firefight mode! Go ODST!

Now for my current projects!
Im working on:
Hitfight 3 Vengeance - October 1st 2009
Halo Era's - I dont know where to go with that
The Terminal (Working Title) - Waiting.....

Future Projects:
Have no clue but alot of ideas!

So yeah thats my update anyways go pick up ODST and add my gamertag GravityFlame.
And yup that ends this post.

My website,Halo 3 ODST,And Much Much More!

Here is one of the 10 classes seen in the game.

Hitfight 3 Charachter Preview - Captain

Come join my new website its a growing community! + Updates!

2009-09-13 17:20:10 by dnatoxic

Hey Newgrounds!
Im looking to occupy my ever growing community at dnainteractive.net it has forums downloads blogs and it will soon have its very own flash portal within a month!
I need moderators and im also scouting people to join the online studio so if your up for it please go check out my site at dnainteractive.net


Hey guys im here once again with another update!
Right now im looking for someone who can do good rain animation that wont lag at all if it was put into a game. So if anyone is up for the job your welcome to do it as a FAVOR no pay is involved and dont fucking flame me about asking someone to do it for free get over it you internet haters.
Anyways i had a certain project called Hitfight 3 going on which me and Zuige were doing it and we decided to put it on hold but now its back and its continuing the first 2 i hope to add in online multiplayer and scoreboards sooner or later so be prepared to see some crazy action.

Anyways i will also require testers to give input so there are currently 6 testing slots available
i will need positive testers who can give detailed input and follow instruction.
Please comment that you want to be a tester and i will message you the details.

And thats it below you can watch a video demo featuring some of HF3's features.

/* */

Come join my new website its a growing community! + Updates!

Hitfight 3 Updates

2009-09-12 21:06:22 by dnatoxic

Well good news for my little followers!
Hitfight 3 was on hold for a while and now its back on track and its doing really well we have implemented numerous features and the game looks really clean and good!
So i will surprise you with a new screen shot lol.

Hitfight 3 Updates

If you can suggest someone who is good than please go ahead if you think you can do the job be my guest.
Here is the user interface so far.......
Still looking for an artist.

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Looking for a good artist to help me with my Halo Game.**NO PAY IS INVOLVED**

Hey gaiz!
Dna here again and today i will show off my room to you fellow Newgrounds peeps who wish to see my piece of shit room.
Video is at the bottom and the gallery can be there too!

Today i just started a new series called flotorials which is a tutorial series which teaches and explains Action script to new flash members you can find the 2 i have already submitted in the following links.
Flotorial 1 pt 1
Flotorial 1 pt 2
And there you go make sure to keep up with that!
Im too lazy to list all the shit that is currently on hold cause im a lazy ass.
So go have intercourse with a praun!!!!
Speaking of praun its time for


This movie had everything i could possibly want as a sci fi fanatic.
The only thing that made me sad was that District 9 was the offspring of what was to be the Halo Movie. MEHHHH!!!!

Im not gonna spoil it for you but i would say the aliens are badass and this movie comes packed with tons of comedy! Here are some nice quotes:
Wikus: "Is this your house?"
Praun: "No i dont know what your talking about!"
Wikus: "Well i had this big nice catfood here...mmm its really good but its not your house so ill move on"
Wikus: "Good praun now take the cat food and sign here"

Lol this movie was serious and funny at the same time also if you look close you will spot numerous things from the halo movie including!
Halo Sniper
Grunt Head
Flood Infection form!
Yeah i know you will see them.....

Anyways thats it for today folks GOODBYE AND GOODNIGHT!!!!

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http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tmro cks1995/images/detail/#29/1000909r.jpg
http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tmro cks1995/images/detail/#197/1000910y.jp g
http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tmro cks1995/images/detail/#268/1000913k.jp g
http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tmro cks1995/images/detail/#42/1000911l.jpg
http://profile.imageshack.us/user/tmro cks1995/images/detail/#197/1000916l.jp g

My fucking kick ass room! District 9 Review and MORE!!!!

Hola everyone here!
As you all know i am a big ass fan of Halo i am getting into pepekura and Halo Modeling stuff im getting addicted everyday now!
Anyways i have a new project to unveil that i have been wanting to do for months now although there is very little to show since it is a side project.
Its called Halo:Jumper it works just like Warefare 1944 except you are able to....im saying to much just wait for the damn release sometime soon bagwafflelavaflooga!!!!
Anyways ODST is pre orderd and im all set right now i just auctioned off a ground built ATV to one of my friends his dad will buy it for 125 USD.

So as for other stuff i saw GI Joe it was kick ass im not going to ruin the movie for you but you have my guarantee it will not disappoint.

Now for the ODST Short Series.
Me and a couple of my friends have a big green screen rigged up for our new short film called Project Fall which is about the UNSC's program to design child soldiers(Age 14) raised to fight against the covenant and perform special missions regular forces could not we will be using our Pepekura models for the costumes and use Adobe After Effects to add in the Covenant and other shit like that.

Anyways hope you all had a good summer!

New Project Halo:Jumper,GI JOE,ODST film and crap.