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Icon Test

2010-02-25 22:05:30 by dnatoxic

Dont worry about the post its to test my new icon.

Back from the dead!

2010-02-13 21:07:35 by dnatoxic

Hey Newgrounds!
Some of my followers probably have noticed i haven't been online in quite a while.
Anyways i have been very busy with stuff not involving the computer and chillaxing.
My game Killing Grounds has sold for 1,500$ at Free Addicting Games.com anyways yeah i enjoyed making that and now were working on the Formula Engine,a new overhead tactical shooter engine. Formula will power our next game which we have yet to reveal.
Over at http://Zuigeproductions.com we are working on the community portion which will open soon so go check it out.

So yeah i guess thats about it!


2009-12-13 03:48:36 by dnatoxic


Killing|Grounds Trailer,Elithium News,Ninja Assassin Review + MORE!!!1

2009-12-03 19:07:21 by dnatoxic

Hey Newgrounds!
Me and Zuige just finished developing Killing|Grounds a overhead gore fest shooter which is not yet released(pending sponsorship) and is pretty kickass.
Yeah you can find the kickass trailer below.

We will be scouting developers to help with this massive project called Elithium more information can be found below in the italicized print.

1.) Elithium Chapter 1:
"Elithium is a series i have always wanted to make here is the backstory."
In the far future numerous planets have been colonized and Earth has met with many other Sentient races around the galaxy.A central planet Vero's which was constructed by Humans and Archnoans(closest races/friends to the humans) was the place where over 60 races had come to trade,live and thrive. Vero's geography was basically one big city covering the planet which was two times the size of earth. One day Vero's received a transmission from an earth colony not too far away in distress needing "immediate military attention and rescue" the message repeated itself and than fuzzed out. Vero's not having any ISMC(interstellar Marince Core)presence,base or military at all on the planet relayed the message to the Iron Dawn an ISMC flag ship just 212 miles away from the planet. The Iron Dawn responded about 12 minutes later due to the distance between Vero's and its location and stated they were heading towards the colony.

Yeah pretty kickass we need a big team,so here is the info on what we need.

Unknown Amount of Voice Actors
3 Flash Users FL8 or Above
(You will be level designers) [YOU MUST KNOW AT LEAST A LITTLE ON HOW TO CODE AND ALL THE BASICS SUCH AS SCENES,Instances,Arrays and Linkage].
4 Beta Testing Crew
3 Vector Artist Who Can Stick With One Style

If you qualify for any of these positions please shoot a PM too me and we can discuss make sure the message is headed in the following order [Elithium Project/Join/Insert USER Name Here/Posistion Applying For].

Thats pretty much it.

Oh yeah almost forgot Ninja Assassin Review:
This movie is fucking Beast Mode,the story is brilliant with alot of damn gore involved.
It follows 2 main characters the protagonist Raizo and the co-char Mika.
These 2 help each other survive while their being haunted.
Here is the review from varietymovies.com
Korean pop star Rain conjures only a mild drizzle as Raizo, a limber bone-snapper trained from a young age by a secret society of child-abducting killer-for-hire ninjas. Early flashbacks reveal Raizo to have been taken in as an orphan by the Ozunu Clan, which he defies by running away in the wake of his sweetheart's murder by cold-blooded Lord Ozunu (Sho Kosugi).

The pic's present-day action, set in Berlin, revolves around Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris), a gorgeous Europol agent whose latenight sleuthing uncovers a financial connection between recent political assassinations and the Ozunu. Naturally, the agent herself is targeted for assassination, as chief Ozunu baddie Takeshi (Rick Yune) and his blade-tossing ninja comrades come West to forcibly halt the investigation. As if possessed of psychic powers, Raizo, hiding out in Europe, senses a chance to save a lovely lady where he had failed in the same task years before.

Eventually the film leads to a Europol-led shootout and a pair of unmemorably acrobatic duels between Raizo and his two archrivals -- "older brother" Takeshi and raspy-voiced "father" Ozunu.

Though "Ninja Assassin" is implausible on countless levels, Raizo's training to feel nothing at least gels with Rain's ability to emote nothing. Harris, a strong presence in Michael Mann's "Miami Vice" feature, acquits herself capably here, reacting believably to the incessant carnage around her.

Of course, the film's raison d'etre is precisely its blood-soaked combination of physical stunts and digital trickery, the latter favored to a fault. While not remotely on par with the Wachowskis' "bullet time" f/x in "The Matrix," the ridiculous torrent of flying blades and flayed flesh here does appear unique in technological terms, and certainly pushes the pic's R rating to its limits.

Indeed, such is the film's level of insinuated gore that the frustratingly dark texture of many fight-scene shots can perhaps be explained by a post-production bid to avoid an NC-17. Whatever the case, the shadowy action is too often incomprehensible, except in the general sense that heads, limbs and torsos are being severed in massive numbers.

If there's a sick joke to be had from this sort of human meat-carving, it isn't found by McTeigue and his key collaborators, including conventionally quick-cutting editors Gian Ganziano and Joseph Jett Sally.

Where the pic does excel is in its immersive sound design, as swords, chains and myriad other weapons seem to sail around the theater, at times helping to clarify the dimly lit action.

Well that finishes it off i guess.

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Killing|Grounds Trailer,Elithium News,Ninja Assassin Review + MORE!!!1

Hello' People of the Inter webs and all other sorts!
Many of you have kept up with progress of my game Hitfight 3 me and Zuige have been working on.
We decided to discontinue the series and make it a completely new title,
however its still the same thing but a different name. The game is an all out blood fest, based on surviving waves of npc's with various weapons and eventually along will come some bosses after each round. I guess that sounds simple enough to understand, or is it?

Now onto my Modern Warfare 2 review!
The game itself is an all around great success with only a few cons that are hard to point out.
Lets start off with the campaign. The campaign in all was very short but fed that gaming monster inside me with its brilliant storyline and in your face tactical action. The game is very different from many out there it makes you think you cant just rush into a room and zoom out, you have to plan and it keeps you playing along with the consistent action and great storyline.

Now onto Multiplayer,
The multiplayer is a goddamn voodoo i tell you if you have a life well lets just say you wont have it for much longer if you play this game. Rank,everyone wants to rank up as high as they can and its not just one of those mindless ranking up systems it actually rewards you with numerous items such as Killstreak Rewards,Weapons,Titles,Emblems,Special s and much more. This my friends will keep you playing all night long for an endless eternity!

The Final Verdict: 9.8/10

Reason why it didn't get a 10? Its fucking voodoo man,you never give voodoo a 10 `nuff said.

Now onto my game once more!
Im looking for someone who can create a trailer for my game and post it on youtube.
The person who volunteers will have exclusive access to the game before it releases and will have a bunch of other stuff. `Nuff said once again.

Anyways im dawg tired and im bout to hit the shower so if your looking for some action add me on XBL "GravityFlame" be the tag ye lookin for.


ModernWarfare2,Killing Grounds,And shits of all sorts! + Need someone to make a trailer for my upcoming game!!!

Im messing with our new feature in my game Killing Grounds which was formerly Hitfight 3.

Raped by 60 enemies in my own game!

Hey you Newgrounds addicts!
Today marks the begging of Halo Era's an overhead shooter project i have wanted to do for quite some time now.I usually always work with a small team composing of 2 people, 3 at max.
Anyways this project which is presumably big requires a more hunky team if you will but anyways im looking for people with flash(8/CS3) who know there way around it,now you don't have to be a pro you just need to know variables how to edit MC's,edit arrays and proper spelling. If you qualify for all those areas we will need 5 level designers. Next comes the graphics, i will need some assistance doing those so i will need 2 additional artist and once again you don't have to be a pro just know what your doing. And finally some conceptual artist and story writers (2 concept 2 story). And thats just about it team wise. So now comes the part "But how do i join?" send an email to GravityFlame@gmail.com titled "Halo Era's Registration" and in the message tell me why you should become part of the team and leave a little piece of work for what position your trying to fill.

Now as for Hitfight,
I finished it and it should be released very soon on newgrounds :P im so proud!
It has alot of enemies and features than the other Hitfight games and should be very promising to those whom are fans!

Oh and also post note*
The Halo Era's forumn will be on my website very soon at Dnainteractive.net go ahead and join now!

Halo Era's Game Started NEED DEVELOPMENT MEMBERS! Hitifight 3 near completion! And More Updates!!!!

Fuking Beat Halo CE

2009-10-25 22:24:14 by dnatoxic

Yeah i was porting Halo 2 shit into Custom Edition and have been modding.

Fuking Beat Halo CE

Halo Era's Planned.

2009-10-25 01:27:13 by dnatoxic

As you have all seen the prank i will atleast show you what we plan to do as far as levels.

Chapter 1: Reach C-1 Level 1:Contact Takes Place: C.a.s.t.l.e ONI Fort Enemies: Elites Grunts Jackals Allies: Castle Security C-2 Level 2:Destory Castle Takes Place: C.a.s.t.l.e ONI Fort Enemies: Elites Grunts Jackals Elite Commander Allies: Castle Security UNSC Marines C-3 Level 3:Facility A-331 Takes Place:Facility A-331 Enemies: Elites Grunts Jackals Elite Major Allies: UNSC Marines ODST's C-4 Level 4:Escape Reach Takes Place:Facility A-331 Enemies: Grunts Allies: Castle Security UNSC Marines ODST's C-END END GAME

Chapter 2: New Mombasa,Earth Level1:Hard Landings Level2:Welcome to New Mombasa Level3:Outpost 3A-K Level4:Famine Level5:Mombasa Transit Level6:Mombasa Transit P2 Level7:Surface Level8:Charlie Squad Level9:Docks Level10:Lets get outta' here END GAME

Chapter 3: The Ark Level1:Prepare to Drop Level2:Engage Level3:The Architect Level4:Not these fucking things Level5:Plan B if there is one. Level6:Escape the Ark. END GAME PLANNING OF HALO ERA's AS OFF OCTOBER 2009 By the Halo Era's Team: Dna Construct161 Conifex Zoopa

Go join my site please!

2009-10-18 21:55:44 by dnatoxic

Its getting there i got 16 members but no one is active in the forum!
So please anyone who wants to be part of a New Community please go join Dnainteractive.net